'Oklahoma City' Lily

Scheherazadeblm Lily

Fred Winterowd

The Mid America Regional Lily Society was formed in the spring of 1982. Two dozen friends gathered at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Fellow lily members from Iowa and Minnesota came down to assist in the Regional's organization. Oregon Bulb Farm donated bulbs to each member!

In June members held their first "Show"....a Training Show! Business plans included setting an October date for the first bulb sale, to be held at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Minutes from First MARLS Meeting     First MARLS Newsletter

Keen interest was quite apparent, and this new plant society was off to a flying start!

Dorothy Schaefer

According to the article written in the Quarterly Bulletin of the North American Lily Society, the Mid America Regional Lily Society had accomplished a lot in a very short time. The following was an update written by Dorothy Schaefer in the March 1983 Quarterly Bulletin;

The Mid America Regional Lily Society had a charter member banquet in November to celebrate their very successful bulb sale and to plan the activities for 1983. I attended and, once again, was amazed at how much fun that group has--they are really very special. In ten months' time they have staged a lily show, had a succcessful bulb sale, are on a firm financial footing, have a rapidly growing membership, a splendid newsletter, have several members also ready for accreditation as lily judges, have hosted the mid-winter meeting of the Board of Directors and have made a substantial contribution to the ongoing work of NALS. If any other group would like to follow their example and form a regional society, please remember the Board of Directors will assist you in all ways possible to get organized and off to a good start.